Anna Dirnberger is a music- and movement pedagogue, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Vienna, Austria. She works as a piano teacher and a music teacher in the field of adult education.

Starting to play the piano at the age of five Anna Dirnberger studied her instrument at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Graz until she was 14 years old. During that time she took part in several competitions and won the first price at prima la musica.  Soon she developed a broad interest in all different kinds of music and instead of only focussing on one instrument also took singing lessons and taught herself playing guitar .

After graduating from college of music Anna studied Rhythmics  at the University of music and performing Arts of Vienna. During that years she got interested in oriental percussion and started her independent study on playing Darbuka. In 2014 she traveled to Istanbul to improve her technique and to get a deeper understanding of Turkish rhythms. There she met her teacher Raquy Danziger and soon joined the percussion ensemble DÜM with whom she has played concerts in Israel and New York.

In 2017 Anna established the Ensemble "Deyanda" consisting of eight female musicians and has since performed her own compositions in the genre of jazz and world music. She also is lead singer in the alternative rock band "Heaven Sent Cat" which is going to release their first album in January 2019.