Hyungoo Sung is a musician and percussionist from Seoul, Republic of Korea.

She first discovered her love of rhythm when she joined the recycled instrument performance group, Noridan at the age of 15. She toured extensively with the group, appearing in productions such as Ping Pang Pong at Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul and Whale Dream in Hong Kong during the New Year celebrations.

After four years with Noridan, Hyungoo left the group to pursue new heights in her musical development. She joined the band THE TUNE in 2013, whose vision is to preserve the roots of traditional South Korean music while exploring new interpretations by adding elements of jazz, contemporary and gypsy music. In 2014, THE TUNE took the grand prize at the 13th Jeonju International Sori Festival with their original piece “Wandering Melodic Road” - the title of their debut album which was released two years later. This was Hyungoo’s first experience playing world percussion and traditional instruments and she enjoyed her four years playing concerts across Korea with this ensemble. It was during this time that Hyungoo discovered the darbuka and decided to travel to Turkey to study the split-hand technique under the guidance of Hakan Kaya.

In 2015, Hyungoo joined forces with hurdy-gurdy player Hee-su Kang to create an exciting and unique musical duo - Gyepi Sisters. Together, they play original pieces reminiscent of sounds from around the world, while weaving their personal stories and experiences into their melodies and lyrics. In 2017, following their first full-length concert titled Wakening, which they played to a sold-out audience at Veloso in Seoul, Gyepi Sisters immediately began work on their debut album titled Terminal, which was released in December 2018.

Hyungoo returned to Turkey in January 2018, where she met Raquy Danziger and Bunyamin Olguncan during a week-long darbuka intensive. Although she plays professionally in several projects, including Ladies of Düm, being a student brings her great happiness and she enjoys practicing, developing her technique and exploring her individual style.